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Portfolio of Honors Projects

A sampling of Honors work​​


Exploring Qualitative and Quantitative Properties of Antacid Tablets

Four different brands of antacid tablets were compared in their ability to neutralize an acid. A comparison was made both of pH and of amount of acid neutralized by the basic compounds of the tablets. A back titration method was used for the neuralization calculation due to low solubility and the prevalence of carbonic acid as a temporary byproduct of the chemical reaction which can hamper obtaining accurate data in a standard titration method. Antacids with multiple active ingredients, in general, were found to have higher pH levels and neutralize more acid overall. Back titration proved to be effective for calculations except in the case where multiple active ingredients with alkaline qualities in varying strengths both acted upon the acid. In these cases, attributing acid neutralization to individual active ingredients becomes more ambiguous.   

Project Meeting

Phi Theta Kappa Outreach

Project Manager

A Honors class service project to expand the outreach of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society on the DMACC Ankeny campus. The team worked to create advertisements, a more accessible digital footprint, and provided analysist of current outreach strategies. Phi Theta Kappa provides supplemental educational opportunities and vocational training to their high achieving members.

Bacterial-Fungal Interactions

In progress, Fall 2023

Pipetting Samples
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